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  • Bangkok Bangkok
    Ph: 305-444-2397
    157 Giralda Avenue,
    Coral Gables , Fl 33134

  • Bangkok Bangkok in Coral Gables Bangkok Bangkok

    Has been serving authentic Thai food in
    Coral Gables since 1985.

    We are focused on providing exquisite
    healthy food, excellent service with
    warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Exquisite
    We are always mindful of our customers
    dining experience .

    We bring to the table not only a combination
    of moral values and family unity but also
    a taste of the archaic with a vision of the futuristic.

    Being the oldest restaurant on Giralda, Coral Gables
    represents today the cornerstone of every
    nutritious meal and an instant modern classic.
  • Atmosphere
    We offer a mixture of ancient mystique
    and modernistic setting with
    a very romantic warm and friendly feel.
  • Executive
    We are committed to serve our outmost
    organic and healthy products
    with an upscale personal touch from our Chef,
    to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

    We provide you with not only the
    best service and top quality food,
    but also unique surroundings filled
    with intrigue and ancient mythology.

Welcome To Bangkok Bangkok in Coral Gables

Bangkok Coral GablesBangkok Bangkok restaurant specializes on bringing to the table an exquisite combination of flavors from central Thailand. Thai people in the central region created thousands of years ago a unique smooth long lasting taste with a touch of sweetness that is until today captivating the pallets of south Floridians and people around the world.

We invite you to come and try our menu items, which include a symphonic collection of small starter plates where you can sample several appetizers. And for dinner of course, a wide variety of stir-fried dishes, crispy fish and BBQ innovations like no others in the Gables.
If you want to go vegetarian, that’s no problem, this is the right spot. Our tofu dishes are incredible with an eclectic combination of spices and herbs that our chefs have perfected during this past 27 years. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of wines and homemade drinks, like our tempting Thai iced tea, Thai iced coffee and lemonade, characteristic of our commitment to fine dining experience.

Serving lunch and dinner, a Thai classic décor with wood-carved furniture and a traditional Thai style seating which consisted of low-rise floor tables with comfortable cushions, set an unforgettable genuine Thai dining experience, located in the heart of downtown Coral Gables.

Lunch Menu

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Dinner Menu

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